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General Class Requirements

Many of our classes are project specific, so what you need will depend on what project you’re working on. If you’re unsure of the kind of project you’d like to do in a class, the wonderful ladies at Queen of Fabric will be able to help you choose your patterns and advise you on the materials you will need to complete it. We stock all of these products at the shop, if you don’t already have them.

General hand piecing project requirements
- Needles 
- Cotton 
- Pins 
- Good fabric scissors 
- Required templates or template plastic to create your own 
- Design or sandpaper mat 
- Fabric pencil (Bohin are good and stocked at the shop)

General applique project requirements 
- Applique needles 
- Cotton 
- Applique pins 
- Good fabric scissors 
- You may or may not like to use an adhesive or glue 
- Bias maker if your project requires it 
- Required templates or template plastic to create your own 

General machine-based projects 
- A working sewing machine. You will need to have a familiarity with its use and functions. 
- Cotton 
- Scissors
- Rotary cutter and cutting board