Block of the Month 2020

Autumn Calling

Welcome to the second Queen of Fabric Block of the Month!!

I thought the 2019 BOM Etoile was hard work, but this baby caused me far more tears! Who'd have thought it possible? But I persisted, am rather thrilled with the result and I do hope you are too!

I wanted my design and colours this year to markedly different from the last and to have a real seasonal feel. My birthday is in Autumn, and being huge fan of oranges, greens and deep reds, I had such fun going on a hunt to find the perfect fabrics to create this BOM. I knew I'd hit the jackpot on green when the Dargate fabrics hit the floor! I also wanted to include a breadth of skills again, and so you'll find yourself doing appliqué, paper piecing and traditional hand-piecing in this design too.

Program now full

Autumn Calling Subscription Details

Programme length: 12 months, starting first week February 2020

Quilt Details: Finished size 72″ x 72″

Please read the FAQs below

Option 1 - Original Fabric

Cost: $50 p/m + postage ($5 for domestic, various for international)

Inclusions each month: Fabric, pattern & templates (mylar, acrylic and papers)

Number of places: Limited to 60 places of the exact fabrics in the quilt

Option 2 - Pattern & Template only

Cost: $25 + postage for months that have pattern and template

$15 + postage for months that don't include templates or papers (there may be one or two that will cover construction only!)

Inclusion each month: pattern & template

Unlimited number of places


What is a Block of the Month?

Block of the Month Program come in all shapes and sizes.

The 2020 Queen of Fabric BOM programme runs for 12 months, whereby each month you receive fabric and instructions to complete a certain part of the Autumn Calling Quilt. The design of the is not a easily or evenly divided, so the design will be broken down into 12 parts that may vary in size and difficulty from month to month. I am aiming for them to be as similar in size as possible, but some months might be more work than others! Keep in mind there is no race, though and everyone will be working at their own pace across the course of the year and have varying skill levels!

I am always here to help so if you have questions do shoot through an e-mail.

This design is a brand new, original Emma Mary Designs quilt and has not been released elsewhere.

Will I get the original Autumn Calling Fabrics?

Yes you will!

Can I join after the program has started?

Yes, you can! We have 60 spots available in the fabric included program and we will accept sign ups until the program is full. Give us a call or send an email to enquire as to whether we have places available. We have unlimited places in the pattern and template option.

Can I cancel my subscription?

By signing up to the BOM you agree to take part in the 12-month program, which runs from February 2020 - January 2021 and is non-cancelable under any circumstances. if you are unsure about the financial commitment please do not sign-up. We are a small business, fabric orders are based upon subscription numbers and we cannot re-sell your space mid-way through the program.

When will I be charged?

We are hoping to set up a secure, online automated direct debit to go through on the 2nd of every month. I'm still working on whether I can add this tech to the website though. If not we will charge cards manually in the first week of each month. We understand that sometimes cards are declined, but don't worry, we will call you if this happens. If there is a problem at all, we are always happy to hold your BOM parcel until you are ready, just let us know. 

When will I receive my monthly BOM?

We will send the BOM parcels at the end of the first week of each month and postage can take up to 5-7 business days.

What if I think my BOM parcel has gone missing?

If you haven't received your BOM parcel by the 15th of the month, call us and let us know. we will be able to organise a replacement for you.

Can I still subscribe if I am an international customer?

Yes, you can! We have many international subscribers and post worldwide. Postage is usually around $25-$30 AUD depending on where we're shipping to. 

Can I change my billing details for my rolling subscription or the address my parcel is sent to?

Of course! just call and let us know