My love of patchwork and sewing began when I was very young; my mother sitting me down at a sewing machine at the age of 8. I broke the needle almost instantly, but after getting over my initial shock, I never looked back!

When I was 12, I announced to a room full of people that when I was older, I wanted to own a patchwork shop. They all laughed and I never gave it another thought, proceeding to go through many dreams of different careers including the usual Lawyer, Consultant and ‘Winning-the-Lottery’. I never would have dreamed that one day, I would actually come to own a patchwork shop! 

I was pondering my career in Advertising in London, wondering how I might jump ship into something that I felt had more heart, when I heard about the opportunity to take over Queen of Fabric. Having started as a designer 3 years ago, I have realised that there is a deep joy to be found in sewing and creating, and the thought of making it my full-time career was extremely exciting. Also, knowing what a wonderful job the wonderful Tanja had done with the shop, I jumped at the chance, got on a plane two weeks later and here I am! 

I’ve come to realise that patchwork is one of the best combination of creativity, relaxation and achievement going. Nothing beats watching a masterpiece come together and revelling in the satisfaction of finishing a project – especially one that’s been on-the-go for years! And even though my friends call me a ‘grandma’, I sleep well at night knowing that I’m warmer than them in winter! 

I’ve also seen patchwork be the catalyst for the most incredible friendships and be the most wonderful saving grace for many in a challenging emotional space. At Queen of Fabric, we are thrilled to be able to be a part of helping create that safe and welcoming space for others. It will be our pleasure watching all Queen’s customers unleash their creativity, and we are here to provide inspiration, advice and assistance to you in any way we can. 

Emma xx