About Queen of Fabric

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My love of creating and design began when I was a very young child stitching and knitting clothes for my dolls.

I cannot tell you how many times as a child I faked being sick to stay home and create (sorry Mum!).

Over the years my sewing skills developed and I began producing small ranges of handmade, totally unique, high quality garments in only the finest fabrics. Very quickly I became totally focused on evening and wedding gowns made to measure for private clients.

And then came children… and thankfully my introduction to patchwork. What an amazing and totally inspiring world I entered – all my passion for colour, design, fabric and sewing was satisfied with this cathartic craft not to mention the incredibly special relationships formed over the years with fellow stitchers. So many very late nights spent hand stitching and the wonderful feelings of creativity and self-satisfaction when each project was finished. There was also the fun and excitement of fabric shopping all over town in search of that illusive “right little bit” of fabric. Oh joy oh bliss!

And so Queen of Fabric was born! My dream to create a divine, beautiful environment where all stitchers feel welcome, relaxed and inspired to create has come to fruition. I want you to look forward to each visit, feel right at home, find quirky and distinctive fabrics, and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

Most of all it will be my ultimate pleasure to watch you unleash your creativity to achieve all your stitching aspirations!

Our commitment to you is meticulous attention to detail, and to provide inspiration, advice and assistance to you in any way we can. Our experienced staff will ensure you receive superb customer service.

Tanja xx