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When I reminisce over my life’s journey (and I can assure you that it is not over yet) I realise that I must have been born with a thimble on my finger!!

As far back as I can remember, I sewed and made “things” …. Christmas stockings, lavender bags and so on.  At school, both Junior and Senior, I was encouraged to pursue my interests in the field by two amazing “craft” teachers. For that I thank them. After leaving school I studied Fashion Design and Construction- entre into all of the things that I enjoyed.

I had sometime in the ” Rag Trade “, working in the famous Hardware Lane, but short lived, as was married and soon started a family. This is when I first started paper piecing hexagons and making quilts for my three children. I was still making things… it was in the blood.

The beginning of my love affair with quilt making I suppose, really started some thirty-five years ago when the family went to live in Hong Kong (we stayed some five years). I took a course in American patchwork which lead me into the pursuit of a teaching life and the making of even more quilts!  Over time I have given many of these to my children, my grandchildren, my friends – some were sold along the way and some even found their way to the local Op shop.

The teaching side of my passion with all things fabric brings me the greatest joy!! Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with many amazing talented women, many whom I call a friend!! How lucky am I!!  I have enough quilts to last my family and me several lifetimes, but I will not be hanging up my “thimble ” just yet – to spend my time doing something that I enjoy doing so much with people who share my love and passion is all that I ask of life.

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