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As a tiny tot, I played with fabric & buttons at my grandmother’s knee as she sewed, darned, mended, knitted and embroidered. From the age of three, I was wielding a needle, & mimicking her actions, trying to sew buttons, cut fabric & tie wool or thread. My love of fabric & stitching was born & nurtured in those early years. She was a wonderful role model.

Over time I have explored many crafty pursuits, but the most captivating by far has been my journey down the ‘patchwork path’ which kicked off in 2001 & rapidly developed into an obsession! Having had a long career as a teacher in both primary schools & the adult education sector, I started teaching in this field in 2010 in Victoria & now also travel interstate to conduct workshops.

My understanding & appreciation of the individual needs and learning styles of students enables me to have a very flexible approach in class & to tailor tuition accordingly. Clear explanations & specific techniques for accuracy are provided, but perfection is not the prime end goal. Although learning procedures and developing skills is important, the main focus is to enjoy the experience, have fun, and bask in the benefits of camaraderie, relaxation and pleasure in creating. I am able to guide students to acquire a wide range of skills & techniques such as template making, hand-piecing, English Paper Piecing, hand-applique (including broderie perse), hand quilting, and my particular favourite, fussy cutting.

Classes can provide you with the support & opportunity to try new techniques, to start new projects, to move forward on a project which has stalled or is problematic, to step outside your comfort zone by facing new quilting challenges & to link up with like-minded people in a relaxing, friendly environment. I look forward to meeting you in class.

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