Margaret Sampson-George

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I have been teaching quiltmaking for more years than I will ever mention!

Naturally, my method and application has evolved over these years driven, in part, by enthusiastic students willing to explore new techniques…… as well as the explosion in quilt-related information available on the internet.

We live in exciting quilt times and have an abundance of fabrics and patterns at our fingertips. This can be either very good, or confusing. It raises questions for many of us as to whether we are traditionalists or modernists! Why not a bit of both? My aim is to offer students the opportunity to explore all options – e.g. in workshops where they feel free to change, omit or add any detail to a pattern to make their quilt a little different, or a whole lot different.

I love combining vintage, reproduction and contemporary fabrics and I enjoy guiding people if they find this daunting, or challenging. I want quilters to trust their own judgement and create quilts that, in some part, reflect their own personality.

Teaching annually in The Netherlands and the UK   has also made me very aware of long- held traditions and the reasons behind them. It presents the conundrum of how to move quiltmaking forward whilst retaining respect for the past.

I have lived in several different countries during my adult life, which has of course influenced my attitude to colour and design.  Naturally it’s not necessary to live outside of one’s homeland to be open and free to new ideas!

Be brave! Let us all leave our quilting mark so that our quiltmaking grows and flourishes!

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