Louise Papas

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I grew up watching my Mother create beautiful clothes for the whole family and have fond memories of many visits to the Myer fabric department, hiding in the fabric bolts while my Mother flicked through the pattern books.

We were often late to events because she would be putting in the final stitches to a new outfit for one if not all of us. By my mid-teens I was already sewing, knitting and crocheting and by my early twenties it was me whipping up a quick outfit to wear that night!

After a career in Marketing and Public Relations, it wasn’t until after having my children that my love of sewing was re-ignited and I discovered the world of quilts and patchwork. I also discovered my local quilt shop and was lucky enough to land a job there spending 10 happy years sharing my love of gorgeous fabric and the joys of making beautiful quilts both in the shop and in the classroom.

During this time, I also discovered the wonderful on line sewing community and enjoyed participating in sewing swaps, in particular the ‘Doll Quilt Swap’.  This developed a love of design and the creation of my two pattern brands, Audrey and Maude and Three Dolls. I have also had many published designs in magazines and books both here, the UK and the US.

I currently design patterns with the Jen Kingwell Collective including The Avenue, Girl Next Door and Four O’Clock in Peru. The most rewarding aspect of designing is to see them being recreated and enjoyed by quilters around the world.

My particular quilting passions are applique, hand piecing and hand quilting and I’m excited to continue to share these skills, my love of the craft and of course my love of beautiful fabrics in my classes.