Judy Newman

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I have very fond memories from my childhood of visiting yarn shops and fabric shops and always opportunity shops, which my mother loved.

I was drawn to pattern and particularly fabric and colour.  I tried sewing for my dolls at a very young age, and progressed to sewing for myself, my efforts were average to say the least but I was very enthusiastic and kept trying.

I was very fortunate, in the years after my children were born, to start working in a local patchwork shop, which firmly cemented my love of patchwork and quilting to the exclusion of all other crafts.  I started teaching a group of beginners how to make a sampler quilt, I was a beginner too then, in the field of teaching, but I loved it and I was, again, extremely enthusiastic.

Many years and quilts have gone by.  I am having the most wonderful time these days having just published my first book with Quiltmania Editions, Quilts for Life, Made with Love.  This has brought all sorts of rewards, teaching all around Australia and overseas and meeting like-minded women from all walks of life.  Patchwork and quilting seems to negate differences in age and culture, we are all there to make beautiful quilts for our families and that is a strong bond.  There is nothing better than a day spent in pursuit of this wonderful craft, in a beautiful patchwork shop, creative energy all about and cake and coffee too, of course.   I look forward to many such days at Queen of Fabric and to introducing a love of quilts to her customers.

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