Christine Vlasic

Christine Vlasic2017-06-26T01:54:05+00:00

I’ve had a love of fabric since my early days at Emily McPherson College. It’s a visual thing, a tactile thing and an inspirational thing. The endless possibilities of colour and design never fail to give me a buzz.

Over the years I have taught in schools both secondary and tertiary and adult education, finishing my teaching career in Special Education. Since ‘retirement’ there’s been time to indulge my passion for fabric, quilt making in particular, and this in turn has led me to explore pattern making.

My patterns are under the label of Yarra Design and include Erika’s Quilt, Marrakesh, Twenty Five Trips, Primavera, Celeste and Come in Spinner. It is always a great pleasure to share my experiences with fellow quilt makers whether accomplished or keen to take up the challenge.

Quilt making, in my mind, offers great rewards and provides a wonderful creative outlet. Queen of Fabric is an exciting new environment and I look forward to time spent there sharing and providing skills and knowledge to prospective students!

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