Like so many, I was first introduced to the wonderful world of fabrics as a little girl, through the kaleidoscope of offcuts under my mum’s sewing machine.

I took this love of craft with me as I grew up and throughout school and university you could always find me painting, drawing or creating alongside my main pursuit of studying to become a lawyer. When I commenced working full time, I turned what few spare moments I had towards patchwork. It was in this world of needle and thread, under the guidance of my amazing mum and many wonderful teachers, that my love of craft blossomed into an insatiable passion for textiles in their many forms.

More recently, I began making bespoke dolls and sewing accessories, such as pin cushions and scissor cases. After having my first baby I started my own business called ‘Lalou and Boo’ selling my hand crafted dolls, pin cushions and other textile-based work. Despite seemingly having less time than when I worked full time, my interest in new techniques, materials and designs has driven me to indulge in trying new things. I take inspiration from the world around me, be it art, architecture, nature and the beautiful work of other makers. I have been known to trawl Pinterest and Instagram under the doona into the wee hours of the morning, collating ideas and dreaming about projects to come!

I am particularly excited to teach at Queen of Fabric and share my ideas and passion for hand craft with you. I bring a collaborative approach to my teaching by creating a warm and welcoming environment to work in, with clear and structured classes. Most of all, I have a strong interest in helping you develop your own skills and aesthetic to create and make beautiful things. I look forward to meeting you and sharing our passions together!

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